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Appliance Sponsored in part by Overnight or Rapid Shipping available to your home or office! Click to recommend this site to a friend Privacy assured. Homeowners are often curious of the age of their home appliances. We have provided this service to try to help them to date their major appliances fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. Unfortunately only modern appliances made after the ‘s or ‘s are possible to date this way and sometimes not even then. This service will NOT date antique models nor even those built in the ‘s or ‘s. Those will need manual intervention of a product knowledgeable specialist to date them You can use the form below to date your appliances.

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RPM: Approx. The first self powered wringer washing machine was the Model The first engines came with a battery powered ignition as shown above. In a magneto ignition system was added with the Model One of the engines claim to fame is they were Maytags first production horizontal engine.

The big four major appliance manufacturers in the US are Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire and Genera Electric; Serial Number and Date Code.

Content Article: Clothes Dryers Dryer Repair Kit, includes drum belt, 4 rollers and idler pulley Item Number Appliance parts from RepairClinic. Content Article: I can fix this myself? This is a common question. Linked below is some of today’s largest manufactures date codes to find out when your appliance was made. Dept store brand names like Kenmore can be difficult to find this out as many of there appliances are made by several different manufactures.

You may need to contact Sears with your model and serial and ask them for manufacturing date help. Home-owners are often curious of the age of their home appliances. We have linked this service below to help them to find the manufacturing date of their major appliances. Appliance Repair Parts. Appliance tip of the week older posting all gathered together to help YOU out! Shop Whirlpool Appliances. Please note, some of the links on our site are affiliate links Learn More.

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If the appliance looks 10 years old it is probably. Electric the appliance only looks to be a couple of years old, probably is more likely. Date Sears , being a department store brand do not electric their own appliances. Instead they contract the work out, so their dating are made by many different manufacturers, and signs will need to general your refrigerator number to see which manufacturer date your model. Choose from the lists electric, to match the first three digits of your model number.

Date codes below is a fuller list in numeric order, with part numbers need with C being the Canadian models.

A Maytag warranty can protect certain systems and appliances, but it may not be brand, model number, serial number, date of purchase, retail value, and your.

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How to Tell the Age of Maytag Appliances

Download Like. Full screen Standard. Page of 3 Go. For one year from the date of purchase, when this major appliance is installed, operated, and maintained according to instructions. Service must be provided by a Maytag designated service company.

You can find the Purchase Price and Date Purchased information on your invoice or receipt. For help locating your model and serial numbers contact your.

Sometimes, finding your water heater model number can be tricky. New Rheem water heaters have an easy to understand rating plate. It includes the manufacture date, as well as information on the size and capacity. On older models, you can determine the age of your unit by decoding the water heater serial number. Some manufacturers, including Rheem, made it easy by incorporating the month and year built into the first 4 digits of the serial number.

For instance, the picture below shows that this Rheem water heater was manufactured in December of Other manufacturers use different formats, but in a similar fashion. The picture below shows the entire Rheem rating plate. This 50 gallon electric tank was built in August of , and came equipped with watt elements. AO Smith rating plates look a little different, but have all the same info.

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Ignore the FD and the first number after the FD. Move to the fourth character this will be the year Then move to the fifth and six character this will be the month. So the manufacture date on this example is February With the month 02 second month of the year.

If your appliances have not been delivered by the postmark date, mail this rebate form with the purchased model(s) indicated, then submit serial numbers within.

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Water Heater Model Numbers & Rating Plates

To purchase a water filter subscription, you must create an account or sign in to your existing account. Your account allows you to track order history and provides for faster, easier purchasing and customer assistance. Once your account is created, you will be returned to checkout to complete your purchase.

Need help finding your model and serial number for Maytag products? We help you find the location across all kitchen and laundry appliance categories.

The ID or serial number on many products can be a long and complex string of letters and numbers that’s not always easy to find. It’s also easy to find. The number is on the model tag. The first two numbers correspond to the year and the last two numbers refer to the week of that year. So a model number that reads means the appliance was manufactured in the sixth week of , or February Find the model tag on Amana refrigerators by looking on the inside wall.

On dishwashers, the tag is located on the door seal, in the top, left-hand corner. On a single built-in Amana oven, look on the bottom left side of the front frame; on a double built-in oven, find it in the lower oven by opening the door. On an Amana cooktop range, look on the bottom of the burner box; in microwave ovens, look inside, near the front frame. On Amana washers and dryers, the model tag is found in different places based on the product type.

On top-load washers, open the lid and look near the rear of the well; on front-load washers, look on the outer edge of the door. On top-load dryers, look on the inside of the door, in the upper front panel; on front-load dryers, look on the inside door, in front of the lint trap. Eastern time for assistance. With education, health care and small business marketing as her core interests, M.

Maytag serial number lookup year

The Maytag Corporation is an American home and commercial appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation after the April acquisition of Maytag. In the early s, photographer Theodor Horydczak took pictures of the plant and some of its workers. During World War II , the company participated in war production by making special components for military equipment.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A Maytag warranty can protect Maytag systems and appliances, but it may not be the best option for comprehensive, whole-home coverage. Affiliate Disclosure. A home warranty can change that. A home warranty is a service contract between you and a provider who, in exchange for a small fee, guarantees to cover the repair and replacement costs of certain home systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear.

Keep reading to learn about a Maytag warranty and why a home warranty may be a better option for homeowners looking for whole-home coverage of major systems and appliances. Maytag is a premier appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation.

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Maytag serial number lookup year. Maytag Date Codes. This is located on a data pla lets just say you have a ihc 6 hp famous or any engine. Determine the year and month of manufacturing. Description: Twelve 12 character serial number. We help you find the location across all kitchen and laundry appliance categories.

Hi! I am trying to find out the manufacture date for my Maytag: Performa PAV AWW Serial Number WZ Does anyone have a.

How to calculate the manufacturing date from the serial number? Serial Numbers vs. Scanner Model. For the previous Handheld scanning products, the first 5 digits of the serial number designate the manufacturing date. The first 2 digits are the year of manufacture, and the next 3 digits are the Julian date day of the year. For the base station, the date code is listed under the serial number on the product item label.

Maytag recalls 1.7M dishwashers due to fire hazard.